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SuperLove is almost finished 

Yes, we have been working on this music video for a few months now, and I can't wait for you to see the final product.  We are in the final stretch of editing and finishing this video and should have it released by the first week of January! 

Just Let Go is a huge success!  

Last night was a success! We premiered the film, Just Let Go, in 500 theaters and many of those theaters SOLD OUT! This film is reaching a lot of people, and its inspirational message is making a difference.  As a Music Producer, Music Supervisor and songwriter on the film, I'm excited to see just how well this film is doing.  I've been working on this film for almost a year now, so it feels good to see it turn into a successful night. 

Now, I'm reading two scripts today to get started on the next film! My career in the Film Industry has begun! 


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