I Write Songs for Superheroes

Canonite Universe

Real Name: 
Shaun Barrowes

Canon, Canonite, Singing Superhero, Hammer Hands, Shaun Canonite, Live for Music

Publicly Known


Place of Birth: 
Salt Lake City, UT

First Appearance: 
Big Bang Theory (2007 Debut Album), Waiting Outside the Lines (YouTube 2011), Drum Corps International Competition (Indianapolis 2012)

Shaun Canon of Canonite Comics (2014)

In 2007, Emmy-Nominated Shaun Canon discovered his ability to Sing, as well as transcend both Space and Time. He recruits other talented superheroes from other countries and time periods to gather an army to defeat the evil that has plagued Los Angeles. He is often found touring the world singing for audiences both large and small, and has performed with artists such as Brian McKnight, Janelle Monae, Lindsey Stirling, David Archuleta, Greyson Chance and many others. His recent Superhero Soccer music video has gone viral, reaching over 30,000,000 people!

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